A chronicle of Alison and Ron's trip around the world in 2009-2010.

"Not all those who wander are lost"
- Tolkien

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Packin it Up

I got back at 4:30pm on Sunday and packed until 1 in the morning, woke up the next day at 9 and did it again. Still the kitchen and office isn’t yet packed. I’m exhausted. (And so is Ron - he packed all weekend).

How did I collect all this stuff, err crap? Like a meeting that will drone on unnecessarily to fill the time slot or your stomach expands to fit another slice of blueberry pie, so will your house hold more and more until every nook and cranny has something, anything to fill up the space. I’m a firm believer now that you don’t own your stuff your stuff owns you. I can’t wait to have everything I need to worry about able to fit squarely on my back.

On Tuesday, four cubes were delivered by Door to Door Storage and the movers also came that afternoon to pack them up. It was another 10 hour frenzy of activity. I highly recommend Corrib Movers for anyone moving in the Bay Area, they definitely live up to their 5-star Yelp rating. They were really good packing every inch of the cubes like a massive 3-d puzzle. And funny enough the foreman was Irish. Since Ireland came into our line-up I keep meeting Irishmen. But they all see to be from Cork. Maybe this is serendipity and we should head to Cork and heed the wisdom of the universe.


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