A chronicle of Alison and Ron's trip around the world in 2009-2010.

"Not all those who wander are lost"
- Tolkien

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Food Bag

Apart from our large backpacks and personal effect satchels, we have acquired another piece of luggage that is lovingly referred to as “the food bag”. Essentially it is a black nylon satchel that folds down into the size of a human kidney, I received one Christmas as a stocking stuffer, that I’m quite positive came not from Santa in the North Pole but from the REI in downtown Seattle. (thanks Mom)

In it we hold all the foodstuffs and snacks to tide us over to the next meal, including some staple items like coffee supplies (nescafe, powdered creamer, saccharin pellets), plastic utensils, napkins, ziplocs, salt and pepper. At times it is jam packed with bottles of water, fruit, nuts, crackers, etc and in other times, like now, it’s frighteningly empty holding only a couple stale cookies and hard candies that have melted to the packaging.

I’m usually stuck with the food bag as Ron carries the laptop, which can be a great trade-off or a miserable venture. I mention it here, only so I don’t forget how I lugged that bag all over the world and in a small way cherished it.


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